Offered services

Specialist of the bits and pieces creations, Social Alienation provides to artists and indie labels the possibility to fully conceive a musical work on CD-R aids, from the design and the print of the sleeve and the booklet, to the disk duplication, this in an unwavering respect of the DIY policy.

We also can make and print promotional flyers and posters for concerts and parties, business cards, as well as press releases and packs.

For the lazy ones, we also provide the full writing of press packs or releases, artists and bands profiles, and shopping lists if we are allowed to grab the good stuff from your fridge.

Offered services:
- Flyers, posters, stickers design
- Flyers, posters, stickers printing
- CDs design (sleeves and booklets)
- CDs duplication (cutting)
- Business cards design
- Business cards printing
- Press releases and packs, profiles writings
- Press releases and packs design
- Press releases and packs printing

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Tél. : 00336 18 56 30 42