Nippon nor bad

        The new school year started, and we're back! A bit late, we didn't notice that the weather became a bit colder, but we're back, with loads of new stuff.

First of all, we already talked about it few months before, but here comes our brand new release, Une bande demi-morte from the band Nezishiki, a kind of posthumous best-of / not medium-leveled medley from a Japanese post-punk quartet native of Yame. This is the chance to hear what is done in a patch of countryside on the Kyushu island, when a bunch of friends nourished by morbid manga and French surrealism make guitars screech.

For the occasion of this new release as fiddled as was Puffyshoes CD, for any preorder, we offer you the compilation of the 2010 best productions from our Indian friends, Grey and Saurian (from we still distribute Bhayanak Maut and Scribe albums, for the ones who still didn't get the occasion to let off steam on their big sharp sounds). So don't forget to ask your Une bande demi-morte copy if you want a nice little treat.

And you've been waiting for them, here they are, the album Ame no yoru ni and the DVD of the concert at the Kanazawa Bunka Hall from the pretty Tsubasa, whom few of you had the great opportunity to see in Paris last summer in July, with the Brazilian musician Robert Regonati, you little lucky guys. This is again an European exclusivity, so don't deny the pleasure to get them as fast as you can.

And last but not least, the album EXSTREAM!!!!!!!!!! from the madhairy MARUOSA, getting along with its 5 PVs that had knocked down my grandmother. MARUOSA was in Paris last month, with the not less bruty MULK and MIND MUNCHER. You remember it, that made noise.

Une bande demi-morte from Nezishiki will be available from the 28th of November.
Anything else is available now!

Only Japanese stuff, but good one. Please keep waiting for Christmas presents, with, we already spoil you, Chinese stuff a gogo. And again a bit of Japanese one.
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