... And a happy new year!

        Now that the turkey and chocolates Santa Claus have been digested, we now want to take this moment to wish you all a great and happy year 2011! A year that has already started and that promises to be a so charming one for all of you, you lucky mates.

To give you a foretaste, we're letting you know about our upcoming releases for March, namely the albums Dragon Tiger Panacea and Go East! from the Pekinese group New Pants. Yes, New Pants, you've heard of this, you band of little scamps, the rock/punk/electro brontosaurus from China, and they will be sold through your favorite online store. The no less powerful post-punk trio Rebuilding The Rights Of Statues from Modern Sky Records will be also coming out to the party with its new album Watch Out! Climate Has Changed, Fat Mum Rises... And that's not all! The mephistophelian dark ambient/black metal project Enemite from Sir Li Chao will extend winter inviting itself and its analgesics into your home with the album Wuyuan. You guys are gonna be so spoiled...

The month of March will also be, let's not forget, the anniversary of Social Alienation! It's already been one year you've been supporting our sounds from the bottom of the pile. For this occasion, we're requisitioning the Tokyoite pop/punk group Pinky Doodle Poodle, that then will be on its European tour with the Belgian label Râmen Events, for one night (it's free! But don't forget to think about the beers budget) which promises to be pretty. Of course we'll be selling the band's two mini-albums in the same breath. And while we're on the topic, it's likely that in the future we'll collaborate more closely with our friends at Râmen, and that is a pleasure!

Last but not least, other collaborations are on the horizon, including one with the well-made blog site Kochipan, specialized in Asian cultures. But let's not divulge too much more for the moment. The year will be full of surprises coming out from behind the bamboos, just how you like it.

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