Discount pricing for preorders of the new Puffyshoes album

        Something Gold, the second CD-DVD album of pop/punk duo Puffyshoes will be available June 1 via our store at the price of 12.50 euros.

However, Social Alienation is currently offering everyone the opportunity to own Something Gold at the offer price of 10 euros for those who preorder it. This can be done by sending a message to and include your name and address details. This offer stands until the midnight of May 31.

At that price, you might consider getting a copy for your friends...
The launching

        Here it is, the fateful moment, the most difficult, the most agonizing, but also the most exciting. The launching of our website (and the label that goes with it)! You're probably asking yourself what you've stepped into here. Don't worry, there are no bad odors here, it smells as good as new, and don't forget to wipe your feet. Enough small talk, and on to a brief introduction of our artists and ourselves. Social Alienation is voluntary association playing the role of online label/distributor (generally speaking, more information regarding that on the specific page).

To start our activities with a fanfare, we propose a nice, eclectic selection. A sample of artists from different musical horizons who will open your ears and set off all your senses. We start then with Puffyshoes, a group whose second album, Something Gold, and its accompanying DVD, will be released by Social Alienation. This punkette duo, with their do-it-yourself garage sound, is sure to excite all your senses. Next, on the level of distribution, we bring you: eseroman, a jazzy rock group with false airs of zeuhl (not that false), with their second album elenpywo. The terrible group Bhayanak Maut, a sumptuous mix of death/hardcore with a touch of elegant thrash, sends us a slap in the face with their first untitled album. For those who are interested, we are selling (limited amount, so get it quickly) T-shirts of Bhayanak Maut and another thrashy group, Undying Inc., goods from India of irreproachable quality (the group as well as the shirts). They are available in two sizes, medium and large. The design, pattern and quality of the fabric make for the most classic clothing possible. So take a look around the "Artists" section to find out more on each of these groups and order as much as you like.

For Easter, instead of getting heavy, indigestible chocolates, consider buying a CD or a T-shirt! And for a brief news update, this was pretty long.
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