Zhu Rong
martial indus/ambient - China

A prominent artist from Dying Art Production, Zhu Rong is also one of the gods of fire according to Chinese mythology, or one of the mythological Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors who ruled Ancient China before the Xia dynasty. Clearly a celestial being with a tremendous grip, with whom you don’t mess around. Co-author in 2004 of a first split album along with the equally venerable Enemite, Zhu Rong makes us suffer his wrath the following year through Zhu Rong’s Fury, a solemn, epic second opus, similar to In Slaughter Natives’ or Raison d’Etre’s martial indus. A rough diamond on par with the best productions of Cold Meat Industry. China is indeed the guardian of amazing treasures just waiting to be exhumed.

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dagger-axe and spear