pop/folk - Kanazawa, Japan

Tsubasa ("wing" in Japanese) is from Kanazawa, a comfortable haven of peace on the Western  coast of Japan. Showing very early on her numerous artistic aptitudes, whether in painting, poetry, or makeshift fashioning of artworks in all genres, the young girl turned more specifically toward music and composing after obtaining a guitar, an important gift from her father. During adolescence, Tsubasa recorded her own pieces, played in a band, participated in many shows and made off with the prizes, took part in radio broadcasts and even self-produced a CD. The young performer has enjoyed over the years increasing popularity, but it was her encounter with the Brazilian musician and producer Robert Regonati in 2009 that allowed her to literally take off. She recorded a first album, Ame no yoru ni, then was invited to perform in Korea and Brazil, gaining a new international audience. Just like her delicate folk music tinted with fluffy nostalgia, Tsubasa lets herself branch out with the wind and is ready to meet today the French public.

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Hikari to keshiki to kimi to




Asobi ni oide yo