Torturing Nurse
harsh noise - Shanghai, China

What about noise music in China? Torturing Nurse possibly can answer to this question. In this particular case, we can talk about intense and bewildering hyperproductivity. After all, this is China, right? Founded in 2004 in Shanghai by Junky Cao and Isuzu, Torturing Nurse takes its inspiration from the naughty Japanese noise scene, and clings to a sound aesthetics striving for pain and sexuality, turmoil and trance. They look as if they were harmless with their low equipment, but they expend all their mad and dense energy to knock you down with strong and superfast audio feedbacks. Having released hundreds (not joking) of CDs, reissues, splits, EPs, albums, compilations, Torturing Nurse is surely the most demonstrative and restless representative of noise music in China. Thanks to CD publications on dozens of labels through the world, and to participations to trozens of concerts and festivals, the band became in few years an ultimate example of success in the fields of noise music and artistic performance.