The Life Journey
folk pop/rock - Beijing, China

Everything started in Liuzhou, a city in Southwestern China, in the autonomous region of Guangxi. Yann and Old Banana, two high school friends, were fans of Beatles, Blur, and Brit-pop. They tickled their guitars, recorded melodies in their room of rough material, and exploded their stereo. With their relocation in Beijing, luck smiled on them. Quickly noticed by Modern Sky, the machine took off. Their first album, The Story of Sun and I, came out in 2005 and rapidly climbed high on the charts. The guys, with their hair blowing in the wind, wreaked havoc on the female audience... And not only them! In 2009, the EP Waiting for you for dinner confirmed the talent of The Life Journey in its capacity to compose cheerful pop-folk. Simple but oh how effective.


Waiting for you for dinner

Oh My story

Long Holiday (Instrumental)


Long Vacation