Scribe - Mark of Teja
post-hardcore - Mumbai, India

With Mark of Teja, Scribe proves once and for all to be the flagship of today's metal scene in Mumbai, perhaps even in India! After a promising debut release in 2008, Confect., Scribe strikes back with a second album, with a remarkable concept. Yet a mere glance at the tracklist convinces oneself to have been fooled. The band wonderfully combines a bewildering sense of humour with a serious and mind-blowing musicality: more melodies, the lion's share to vocal experiments, atomic drumming...not to mention the puzzling fusion riffs. Scribe has been frantic about hardcore for some years now, but with Mark of Teja, the band asserts itself, explores and explodes in all directions. The yellers flaunt their influences, you name it: ambient, rock, pop, grunge, country... with rage and energy. If you too love Pav Bhaji and are not scared by quirky humour, pounce on this little gem! 15/08/2010

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Grey And Saurian

  1. The Seed
  2. RSVP
  3. I Love You, Pav Bhaji
  4. Street Archana vs Vice Varsha
  5. M-Power
  6. Dum Hai Toh Aage Aah!
  7. Heidi
  8. Mark of Teja
  9. DemonPra
  10. Kamla's Back
  11. 1234 Dracula
  12. Don't Say
  13. Judge Bread
  14. M-Pyre
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Dum Hai Toh Aage Aah!

1234 Dracula