post-hardcore - Mumbai, India

In Mumbai, metal moves a lot and Scribe is not the least example. With a hardcore tinged with gray and more vivid colors, the dudes, heavy as piled rocks, are not done moving mountains; besides, they have just got busy with it. They have come a long way since the release of their first EP, Have Hard. Will Core in 2006: the Scribe's touch and its emotion were already present, but the sound has become larger and enriched over the years. The proof is done with Confect., the first album of the band released in 2008, where all the genres meet and kill each other, where heavy meets light in a melodious and appealing whole, setting Scribe as one of the standards of today's Indian metal scene. With its bulky and fuzzy furious rhythms, a frenzied oddball as a singer and some well-polished riffs, Scribe's discography could not be described with one simple adjective or one single label. On the eve of the release of its second album, Mark of Teja, Scribe bands with Demonic Resurrection for the Inferno Festival in Norway, followed by some extra concerts in the country. And things are getting further with the release of the new album; Scribe blows our head with its not so-hardcore sound, standing at a busy cross-road of grunge, rock, country, pop and ambient music... everything floating in an unexpected sense of humour. A cocktail that you can discover in our shop.

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Dum Hai Toh Aage Aah!

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Dum Hai To Aage Aah!