blues/rock - Beijing, China

« A grain of sand, although tiny, is synonym of strength, clarity and independence ». It’s in these terms that Liu Donghong, the leader, is defining his band. Formed in 1996, Sand is « a terribly bad band, as so many others », like said sir Donghong, before unexpectedly becoming one of the representative – if not the representative – of Blues made in China. With its first album, The Stars Fell On My Head, released in 2001 under Modern Sky, the band explodes and is regularly scheduled for national rock festivals, before getting the opportunity to be shot alongside big names of the Pekinese Punk-Rock scene as Hang On The Box, Joyside or New Pants for the German documentary Beijing Bubbles, bands introduced as avatars of the Chinese subculture.


One more glass of alcohol


Another piece of flower