Rebuilding The Rights of Statues
post-punk - Beijing, China

Far from the slavish Chinese propaganda, the posture of Rebuilding the Rights of Statues is one of protest and anti-establishment, guiding the souls far from alienation with its scathing, volatile and modern music. Formed in Beijing in 2003 by Hua Dong, the charismatic and dark vocalist and guitarist (dare we deem him the heir of Ian Curtis?), Liu Min, the engaging and lovely punk bassist, and the hypnotic drummer Ma Hui, Re-TROS is a trio charged with pure and transcendental emotion. In 2005, they released Cut Off!, their first EP, with surprising participation from the great Brian Eno on keyboard; an exciting little slap in the face announcing the certain success of the band. An American tour was organized in March 2007. Re-TROS received attention from the press and even appeared on ABC News. The first album, rich and original, Watch out! The climate has changed, fat mum rises... saw the light of day in 2009. A veritable vehement discourse, carried by generous, somber and enchanting instrumentation. Re-TROS becomes soaked of various references in the underground international scene, to assimilate its essence and regurgitate a complex organism, reflective and mature, not to be reduced to the simple post-punk etiquette. Perfect for the fans of Pere Ubu, Bauhaus, Television, why not The Cure, and definitely Joy Division.

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