Queen Sea Big Shark
rock/surf electro - Beijing, China

The Pekinese music scene is in full agitation. Some dashing young people influenced by the local scene, notably by P.K.14, decide to start a band. Punk the first months, the sound is transformed after a change in the line-up. Voices rise and excitement spread to the crowd. We can’t help dancing! The band shows up in live, Queen Sea Big Shark is born. A vigorous rock, festive and which makes you want to get up and dance reveals itself. Fu Han, the perverted prophete, moves with grace before being restless and looking insane, turning towards her bubbling followers. The first album, Queen Sea Big Shark, escapes from the studio in 2007: a stupefying concentrate of obsessive rhythms and furious and technical guitar sounds, halfway to garage/noise and old school rock. A theatrical performance, an exciting way of playing; what else?

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