pop punk garage/diy - Chiba, Japan

The high-voltage duo Puffyshoes is born in Chiba, a port city near Tokyo, in May 2009. It is lead by two girls who go by the sweet names of Usagi and Neko (bunny and cat in Totoro's language), two nice little creatures that are often found in children's tales. Beneath their cute exterior, the bunny and the cat from Chiba are not as well-behaved as you might think. After having recorded few jingles against a background of drum machines and beat up electronic toys, our two terrible young ladies finally took a drum kit and a guitar, instruments more suited to reveal their wild instinct of fierce beasts. Stories of strawberry ice cream melting on rudimentary riffs shot up with fuzz-cake, the music of Puffyshoes is like a mellow pastry filled with gunpowder ready to blow. Within only a few months, the duo performed concert after concert in Chiba and Tokyo area, as well as in Osaka, going as far as sharing the bill with the equally unpredictable Oni and Pikachu from Afrirampo, queens of the free-nonsensical-rock. Quickly attracting attention for its freshness and its sour taste, Puffyshoes sees its debut album Miracle Puffy Shoes Are Coming released in Germany and Canada in autumn 2009. We offer you the second opus of the group, Something Gold, recorded in the wake of the first one, in a beautiful CD/DVD set. Hurry and claim your share of the cake, and don't be ashamed of greedily feasting! Your neighbors are going to be jealous, for sure.

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