post-punk/rock - Yame, Japan

In the little town of Yame, in the prefecture of Fukuoka, Japan, four dreamy, dazed students founded the group Nishiki in 2001. Inspired by the title of Yoshiharu Tsuge's singular cult magazine, Nezishiki means "screw style", a tortured image of a carousel turning endlessly and implanted in flesh and spirits. Red iron of a sluggish ritual, a continual coming and going between post-punk hallucinations and bumpy pop, fed by the surrealism of André Breton and the grotesque of sado-masochist literature. Never short on ideas, the quartet continued making releases throughout the following years, about ten albums and maxi-singles seeing the day in a confidential manner, all in under a decade. The group announced the end of its activities in 2010, before waking again and sending to France a first posthumous disc, a compilation of pieces from the last recordings in Japan.

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