punk - Beijing, China

It's in a filthy Beijing basement, on the verge of the new century that four guzzlers fans of Sex Pistols, New York Dolls and the Stooges decide to create a chaotic and beat-up unit: Joyside. Punk since the beginning, greasy till the last second, the band quickly gains popularity in China and abroad after loads of tours and CDs. Oh, they sure have done loads of tours, in Europe and Asia, Joyside drew some attention from directors looking for Chinese punk sensation (Kevin Fritz for his Wasted Orient and Susanne Messmer and George Lindt for their Beijing Bubbles). Despite their break up in 2009, Joyside is (and will always be) an indispensable figure of punk made in China (and not a counterfeit one!).


I Want Beer

(I Am) Lazy & Wasting

The Saviour Johnny Rotten


Sunday Morning