eseroman - elenpywo
rock/punk jazz - Osaka, Japan

Not content with having given birth to the Gutai movement after the war, Osaka has been, since several decades, the promised land of sound experimenters of all kind. Hijokaidan, Incapacitants, Boredoms, Masonna, or more recently Afrirampo, Oshiripenpenz and Doddodo are some of these names which thrill any fans of euphorically free music. eseroman is an offspring of this crazed Osaka-ian scene, and it is not like we are going to complain. Distributed by the label gyuune cassette, elenpywo album, released in June 2009, reveals a band that has reached full maturity after seven years of activity. Some kind of improbable cross-over between Magma and Frank Zappa, elenpywo is a surprisingly homogeneous cheerful patchwork of sounds as diverse as rock, punk, jazz, or reggae, almost issued at a compulsive hyper kinesthetic rate. Fans of SF, horror and turkey, the two singers of the group smash together - with a devastating flow - rampant insects, grinning zombies, and gravity-defying amazons. A large popcorn packet and a good sound system are the necessary ingredients to turn elenpywo into the high point of your dance parties. 15/03/2010

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gyuune cassette

  1. Flying Amazones
  2. Chase the Bugs
  3. Giga Taishou
  4. Eskimos ha nemuranai
  5. Mr.Dust Kong
  6. Boneless Sniper
  7. hadaka ikkan ! INA BABYLON
  8. Double Date of the Dead
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Eskimos ha nemuranai

Double Date of the Dead