rock/punk jazz - Osaka, Japan

eseroman (似非浪漫 in the original spelling) roughly means "Fake Romance". Roughly, for it is in fact untranslatable. You would even find it difficult to find a Japanese who understands the phrase. Formed in 2002 in Osaka, the group is at first "just" a copy-band of Ruins. eseroman then becomes particularly active in the Kansai region, self-produces a debut album and, within a few years, attracts a hard core of fans, among whom Yasushi Yoshida from SUSPIRIA, Oshiripenpenz or the crazed Outdoor Homeless. Then the zeuhl influences are digested, pondered, developed, as members come and go within the formation, everyone nourishing it with his own experience and personality. The decoction takes anon a nice and unique tone of madness and classy nonconformism. Rock, punk, jazz, reggae are mixed together by eseroman and emerge as clean as ever on the other side. The band plays on antagonisms and clouds the issue. Structures are typically progressive, but still surprisingly dense. The constant breaks and changes of rythm pours in but never overhelms. The constant energy deployed, crude and oily, undeniably smells like testosterone, but never offends the nose. eseroman releases its second opus, elenpywo, in June 2009, a reflection of this new musical identity: rough like pumice stone and yet as elusive as wet soap. Visit our shop to get it before it slips from your finger.

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Eskimos ha nemuranai

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