Ec{c}entric Pendulum
progressive death - Bangalore, India

What the heck?! Just like if we didn't have been enough hit in the face, Indians are back again. And this time, they reward us with some heavy, technical, and well-engraved music. Ec{c}entric Pendulum (just call it EP), founded in 2009 in Bangalore, doesn't come from a kids playground. When members have played in bands like Extinct Reflections, Spitfire, Inner Sanctum or Asylum... we don't really want to laugh. We could speak about a kind of progressive or technical death, but that would be too much basic. With their first EP, Sculptor of Negative Emotions, these guys have gathered up many ideas and styles, from progressive music to jazz, going through some metallic and screaming, or light and gliding emotions. The band starts up the year 2011 with a first album: Winding the Optics, more and more technical and concentrated. Written in no less than two years, it is a right portrayal of what the members have lived, on stage or everyday life. And what can occur a band that has shared the stage with Textures and Amon Amarth, or that has won the Metal Battle India (and the competition was really tough!), allowing a very first European live at the Wacken Open Air 2011, excepting really good vibes for ears?

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