black/dark ambient - Beijing, China

If there's a name to remember in the Chinese black ambient scene, it's definitely Enemite. The obscure project of Sir Li Chao, well known for his projects Evilthorn and Zaliva-D, Enemite or "Yuan" in Chinese, is a concentration of feelings, hate, frustration, and sensations loud and oppressive. While just a student, with his meager experience, Li Chao decided to start a slightly crazy project. Developing a universe, his universe, a symbol of his spirit, sick and sickening. He shared a first CD with Zhou Rong on the label Dying Art Productions before releasing Wuyuan, his crowning achievement, in 2005. It would be just about impossible to recreate on stage the emotion of the album, so Enemite prefers not to endanger the integrity of what he intended to share with us, with them, by performing lives. The project now ended, Enemite has made with just a few tracks a true feat.

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The Headstream - River Of Death

Blaspheming The Sutra - Disconert

Lake Of Mirror - The Passing Bell