Bhayanak Maut
death metal/hardcore/metalcore - Mumbai, India

Based in Mumbai, capital of Maharashtra in Western India, Bhayanak Maut comes to us like a big fat swipe in the face we were no longer really expecting. While a large handful of idiots continues to diminish the already barely shining image of oily hardcore, Bhayanak Maut grabs us by the throat and shakes us forcefully, making us move our ass. "Bhayanak Maut" means "Terrible Death", taken from a film by the Ramsay Brothers (producers and directors recognized in India in the 70s/80s for their "horror" films). A name that tells a lot about the band: a world full of violence and hatred. Since 2003, despite many changes in the band line-up, Bhayanak Maut has managed to prove itself as an unavoidable reference in Indian metal, thanks to numerous participation in various festivals across the subcontinent, from Delhi to Chennai. Hell is All People, the band's first EP released in 2004, already thrilled the Indian fans; but it is the next opus, Malignant, which truly and violently marks the rise of the band in death/harcore universe. Bhayanak Maut shows an elusive but relevant personnality and establishes itself as a mammoth in Mumbai. The band first album was released in August 2009 on the label Grey And Saurian (which produces, among others, IIIrd Sovereign and Undying Inc., nothing less!). Then comes fame. Rolling Stone Magazine gives it four stars, a first for a debut album of local metal. Bhayanak Maut is more than one band among others in the Indian music scene: its name is now etched in stone. We invite you to discover in our shop that first album, famous demonstration of Indian know-how when it comes to achieving something strong and cutting edge.

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