About S.A.


Social Alienation is a voluntary association, whose principal goals are the promotion and distribution of music and video recordings by independent Asian artists, via our website and also various dedicated shops. While this is our "main activity", our organization will expand during the coming months to cover a broad range of music. Asia is our point of departure, but having said that, other continents will eventually lengthen the list of artists we offer (if the fates are kind).

Our label is built around three distinct poles, which are:
- the production and distribution of audio and video recordings.
- sales, in our store, of music and video recordings, goodies and other merchandise.
- the promotion of our artists, by way of articles, interviews and columns, on our website or by the specialized press.

We hope to put everything out there to offer you quality products from the four corners of the Asian continent, from Japan to Turkey, India and Malaysia. Our team promises to work day after day to discover new, authentic and sometimes off-putting music from afar.


To order a CD (or anything else, for that matter), it’s pretty easy: all you need to do is to take a look at our online shop, or if you prefer human warmness, to send us an e-mail at the following address: social.alienation@gmail.com. Include the name of the products you want to purchase, as well as your name and address (it would be a shame if the product of your dreams can’t get to you). We will respond to you as soon as possible (24 hours at the most, except when we’re vacationing out in the sticks), letting you know your total amount including the shipping fee. If you live in or around Paris, we can even meet you around a nice café, or have a beer if you’re in a bawdy mood.


Do you have suggestions for an artist? Is there a CD you want to see sold in our store? Or do you just simply love Social Alienation and want to let us know? Don’t lose yourself further puzzling over what color of socks you’re going to send us for Christmas. A simple gift of ten (or even a hundred) Euros will be plenty for us. We’ll take care of the rest. You’ll of course enjoy favorable treatment from us. And you’ll even have the satisfaction of having contributed to a good cause.

They are pitching in

- Jeremy CORRAL
- Dimitri DESME
- Clément FAURE
- Tiffany LEE
- Helen LEUNG
- Guillaume MAXIMIN
- Alexandre RICHARD
- Yue